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IT recycling services and asset recovery from CFA Trading

CFA Trading takes a fresh approach to the increasingly important task of removing and responsibly disposing of redundant IT equipment.

CFA Trading Ltd takes a fresh approach to the increasingly important task of removing and responsibly disposing of redundant it equipment.
Our company focuses on the reuse of assets and components to maximise the financial return and minimise the environmental impact of it waste.
We are fanatical about offering our clients the very best service and believe it is absolutely critical that our solutions are implemented in an efficient, fresh and professional fashion.

Our asset recovery and IT recycling services ensure that businesses working with us comply with industry regulatory requirements, including the Waste Electrical and Electronic Directive (WEEE Directive).

We understand that data security is imperative to our clients and recognize that all forms of electronic media must be controlled and destroyed to the highest standards. We therefore work with our clients to create bespoke solutions and offer a variety of data destruction options suitable for their needs.

CFA Trading Ltd is uniquely positioned to offer our clients a complete IT life cycle solution and offer IT solutions and advice from the very start of an assets life all the way through to the recovery or recycling process.

Securing your Data

Protecting our clients’ data is the most important aspect of our service. Rest assured that our solutions are tailored specifically to offer our clients total peace of mind. We operate CESG approved data sanitation products.

Helping you to comply with environmental legislation

The responsible and ethical disposal of redundant IT equipment is essential to any business. We ensure that your solution will be compliant with current environmental legislation and that your redundant equipment will be processed with the utmost care and attention, in accordance with our ISO 14001 environmental management system.

Generate revenue from your environmental legislation

Your redundant IT equipment could generate a revenue return to your business. We re-market a huge variety of equipment and have the ability to pass back a significant financial return, which can be passed back into your budget.

IT Data Destruction

CFA Trading deliver a range of services and solutions to destroy confidential and protectively marked data. These solutions will ensure compliance to data protection legislation, governmental standards and the strictest security policies for data destruction. Data is destroyed through controlled processes with each item individually tracked through our IT asset management system.

Data eradication with Certification - As part of CFA Trading's core processing tasks, all data bearing items are data wiped using approved software. Subject to safety testing and functionality checks this key task allows successfully data wiped equipment to be sold for reuse generating residual value.

Degaussing - Where hard disk drives and other magnetic media will not be reused, these are passed through approved degaussing tools which destroy all data and makes reuse impossible.

Disintegration - Often referred to as shredding, this process is employed where hard disk drives and other data bearing devices cannot be successfully wiped or where it has been decided that equipment cannot be reused.

IT Recycling

Every organisation large or small is legally bound to dispose of WEEE (Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment in an environmentally responsible manner. CFA Trading's recycling services are aimed at organisations that have obsolete or unwanted IT to Recycle. It is for customers that want an efficient and economical IT recycling solution that delivers compliance to data security and environmental legislation.

CFA Trading recovers redundant Computers, securely destroying all confidential and protected data and manages the recycling of IT equipment - exceeding the reuse, recycling and recovery targets of the WEEE Directive. As you would expect all Computers and IT equipment are tracked and reported.

Our IT & Computer Recycling services provide a value added solution to the disposal of unwanted IT assets. Your business risks are assured and you can be safe in the knowledge that your IT assets will be treated in a legally compliant manner and that all equipment is handled through a quality assured safe and environmentally responsible process.

IT Disposal & Computer Disposal Services

CFA Trading's core IT Disposal and Asset Recovery Services are focused on generating value from used IT for our clients and creating an environmentally sustainable Computer disposal solution for anything unsuitable for reuse.

CFA Trading manages the complete IT disposal process; from the logistical management of a collection, technical processing and secure data destruction, through to testing and assessment for the resale of used IT equipment and final recycling of unusable equipment.

Every Computer disposed of is individually managed, tracked and can be reported on at item level through our in-house IT disposal asset management system. The stages throughout the process include electrical safety testing to verify that used PCs are safe to connect to mains power, diagnostic software to test the functionality of parts and components and data eradication software approved to CESG standards to remove all data including licensed software.

Unmatched technical processing capability allows CFA Trading to dispose, recycle and manage hundreds of thousands of used IT assets every year, returning millions of pounds to our customers from the residual value in their used IT.


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