Being a complete in-house refurbisher means we are fully equipped with state of the art printers
This virtual design is created using a 3D modelling program or with the use of our 3D scanner.

  • 3D Printing

    The latest project we have been involved in called for both our 3D design expertise and electronics engineering consultancy. Using our client’s EEG scanner prototype as a starting point, we created and 3D printed bespoke hardware for the device, after redesigning the existing electronics to improve the power supply system.

    Project Details

3D Printing Process

3D printing is the process of transforming digital files into three dimensional objects. The 3D printing process consists of laying down multiple layers of material until achieving the final design. Each of these layers can be seen on the end product as thin cross-sections. We start by virtually designing the object using special modelling software. Alternatively, a 3D scanner is used to replicate an existing object. CFA’s State of the Art equipment allows our printing department to work on a variety of projects such as: reverse engineering small laptop parts; prototyping plastic enclosures; reproducing any object using our top of the range 3D scanner.