Spray & Reprint Price List

Spray / ReprintCommentPrice
Please note these prices include any filling or repairs. We can also remove laser etching and respray so it looks like new
Lids Top Cover
Lenovo Thinkpads  £15
Dell E Series £15
Apple Macbook White £20
Apple Macbook Silver £20
Ipad Back CoverIncluding Laser etch removal£15
Palm Rest
Apple Macbook White £15
Apple Macbook Silver £20
Lenovo  £10
HP  £10
Dell E Series £10
All In One
Imacs 21.5"Complete back and base£20
Imacs 27"Complete back and base£30
Desktops PCs
Dell / Lenovo / HP1 Side£5
Dell / Lenovo / HP2 Sides£10
Dell / Lenovo / HP4 sides£15
Retail Ready Cosmetics - Complete Units Respray Reprint including if required Keyboards, Grill and all stickers (Not including screens)
Lenovo Thinkpads  £35
Dell E Series £40
HP Laptops £35
Desktop PCs £20


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