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Here at CFA Trading we are using Aiken Workbench V2 for our testing and auditing. In contrast to other packages used by the PC and Laptop refurbishment industry it offered the best coverage of our needs.

  • Only platform for testing PC, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile, Apple and Android • Also capable of testing monitors and printers
  • Provides ADISA certified data erasure
  • Android app for taking photos of any issues or damage of the unit in audit
  • Capability of creating and restoring Windows, MAC OS X and Linux disk images
  • Flat monthly fee, no cost per unit charges
  • Billed monthly with no punitive exit charges or clauses

Aiken’s breadth and depth encompasses virtually every device that an IT refurbisher will handle in today’s marketplace. Aiken automatically detects the specifications of PCs, Macs, Android/Apple smartphones/tablets, monitors, printers and other devices. It retrieves and normalises device data ensuring reports and data exports to ERPs are presenting consistent information for all assets without manual intervention.

With a free-of-charge trial of Aiken Workbench V2, refurbishers and ITADs may evaluate the software prior to buying. We were pleased that we were able to perform a proof of concept and see in our own environment the impact Aiken makes.

Aiken will assist in elevating your business to the industry standard of Certified Refurbished, offering a range of entry points tailored to the size of your enterprise. As businesses take on Aiken they will see a demonstrable return on investment with productivity gains between 30% and 50%, with an immediate impact on their bottom lines.

Aiken Workbench V2 – tests performed on each unit as standard:

  • Reset Defaults
  • Upgrade to latest BIOS (Done when loading windows)
  • CPU
  • Speakers – Right and Left 
  • Microphone
  • WIFI
  • LAN
  • Webcam 
  • Keyboard (every Key pressed)
  • Screen/LCD
  • HDD – Smart Test Hours Used and bad sectors test
  • Mouse buttons (touchpad, but not actual touchpad)
  • USB Ports
  • Battery Capacity and life left (75% + is our standard pass)
  • Optical Drive read
  • Cosmetic assessment using android app to take pictures
During the auditing process Aiken V2 also provides the serial numbers for the motherboard, hard drive, memory sticks, optical drive, network and video card (where appropriate).


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