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Aiken tests, audits and images Windows, Apple and mobile devices.

We use Aiken Workbench V2 for our testing and auditing. There are other programs available for auditing and testing but we find that Aiken Workbench V2 is the most effective and efficient program for use by the PC and Laptop refurbishment industry. Aiken tests, audits and images Windows, Apple and mobile devices. The software has a super-quick, thorough and comprehensive testing feature that is unmatched. It is also able, via the use of an Android app, to take pictures of the specific unit being audited. Aiken Workbench V2 also has carries out ADISA level certified data wiping so that any GDPR concerns can be erased.  

Aiken Workbench V2 is available via a subscription based model (as opposed to other testing and auditing software packages, which are charged on a cost per-unit basis). The subscription for Aiken Workbench V2 is available exclusively via CFA Trading Ltd and will cost an organisation anything from free-of-charge (basic entry) to £700 (full service and customisation) at the highest level.

We believe that offering the Aiken on a free of charge basis at entry level will mean that there is no reason for any refurbisher, regardless of size and output, to not be using it as part of the commitment to the industry standard of Certified Refurbished. However, if you are an established organisation and you feel that you are already testing to the standards provided by Aiken Workbench V2 software then that will be regarded as acceptable to be deemed Certified Refurbished.

Aiken Workbench V2 – tests performed on each unit as standard:

  • Reset Defaults
  • Upgrade to latest BIOS (Done when loading windows)
  • CPU
  • Speakers – Right and Left 
  • Microphone
  • WIFI
  • LAN
  • Webcam 
  • Keyboard (every Key pressed)
  • Screen/LCD
  • HDD – Smart Test Hours Used and bad sectors test
  • Mouse buttons (touchpad, but not actual touchpad)
  • USB Ports
  • Battery Capacity and life left (75% + is our standard pass)
  • Optical Drive read
  • Cosmetic assessment using android app to take pictures
During the auditing process Aiken V2 also provides the serial numbers for the motherboard, hard drive, memory sticks, optical drive, network and video card (where appropriate).


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