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The standard will help achieve the "wow factor", increase customer satisfaction and help decrease customer returns.

This standard has helped CFA Trading achieve a less than 30 unit return/repairs/month against an average of 3000 units shipped per month.

The last part of the standard for Certified Refurbished products. This standard will apply if selling to end users and will include how to package the goods and warranties etc. The standard will help achieve the WOW FACTOR, increase customer satisfaction and help decrease customer returns. This standard has helped CFA Trading achieve a less than 30 unit return/repairs/month against an average of 3000 units shipped per month. Below we outline the elements we have implemented to help us achieve this phenomenal statistic.


Individually boxed properly secured packaging must be used.
We use the Airpack packaging system as it is incredibly strong and is also created using PE4 plastics including the nozzle therefore fully recyclable and end user can just put in there recycling bin at home with no issues. All packaging in our opinion must be recyclable.


All of the below contributes to our very low returns rates and customer service enquiries
  • Instruction Manual on how to use the device. Especially useful on Apple and Chromebooks as most end-users are more familiar with Windows. Also provided is a PDF of the instruction manual on the desktop of the purchased device.
  • Warranty card with clear instruction on how to return the item and a telephone number for the customer to call if there are any problems.
  • Activation Sheet – We have created an instruction manual on how to activate Windows. This is very useful for stopping wasteful returns. A sticker is placed on the power button to ensure end users plug in laptop before turning on. This prevents the Windows image being ruined by the laptop being turned off halfway through the initial Windows updates 
  • Screen protector – Screen protectors are provided with a reminder to activate the 1 year Bullguard antivirus and our customer service telephone number. Another simple way to create the wow factor and increase customer satisfaction
  • Antivirus – we supply Bullguard Antivirus for 1 year on all our products - both Windows and Apple. CFA can provide this for £2 including a screen protector with antivirus details.


All products should come with at least a 1 year warranty.
This needs to be backed up with the peace of mind that the company providing the warranty have the financial viability to cover the 12 month warranty. A one year warranty is useless if the company providing it go into liquidation at any point during the warranty period. If a refurbisher are unable to demonstrate financial viability then they must take out insurance for the year on the products to avoid dishonouring the warranty provided to end-users.

CFA Trading are able to provide refurbishers with an insurance package to cover from the 30th day of the warranty period to the 365th day of the warranty period at a cost of 3% (ex VAT) of the sale price to the end user. to provide the peace of mind to their customers by provide this insurance products from the 30th day to the 365th day for 3% (ex VAT) of the sale price. This is on the basis that the product has been through the Aiken Workbench V2 testing process. It is proposed that any company unable to demonstrate solid financial viability they can pay in to this insurance fund and any products sold are covered by the year insurance.

This can be increased to 3 years for an extra 10%. For example you are selling a Chromebook for £100 + VAT £3 would go to the fund and then after 30 days you would not need to worry about the product as it would be repaired under the insurance provided by CFA Trading. The repairs would either be carried out by CFA Trading or the seller could elect to do the repairs themselves and get paid by the fund to do so.

Customer Service

All companies should provide an easily accessible customer service telephone number and email address.
Any customer service issues and queries should be answered within an appropriate timeframe. Evidence of the ability to provide adequate customer service enquiry turnaround times must be demonstrated to achieve the standard.

If a refurbisher is unable to provide this service themselves, then this is something that can also be provided by CFA Trading on their behalf. This will enable them to achieve the third stage of Certified Refurbished standard.


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