Our philosophy is simple:
The more computers we resell the more we save the planet.

CFA could considerably enhance your ECO initiatives: this is the age of the Global economy.

  • However, we are a UK based company and believe in managing our business in the UK, meaning jobs for UK workers and with all our facilities located in the UK, we reduce transit miles.

  • We also source most of our equipment from the UK; we refurbish at our centre in Poole and deliver it straight to the end user. We can react to customer demand in the UK promptly and efficiently.

  • It takes 1500 litres of water, 3000 KWH of Electricity, 22kg of chemicals and 700kg of CO2 to create a new computer or device. Each time a refurbished device is bought there is a positive environmental effect.

  • At CFA Trading we have a total refurbishing experience capability from cosmetic to complete refit. Very few companies offer the total, one facility refurbishment.

  • Biomass Energy Biomass Bioler
  • Solar Power Solar Panels
  • Biomass Bioler

    Our 130kw biomass boiler was installed two years ago.

    This provides 100% of our heating and is carbon neutral.

    We also use the heat in our bespoke spray shop to facilitate the drying of devices.

  • Solar Panels

    We have a 220 panel solar system on our warehouse roof.

    This currently provides the majority of electricity to our facilities.

Primary achievements

  • Our 50KW Solar Panel System provides all our electricity and a 130KW Biomass boiler provides all our heat. This enables us to refurbish computers and PCs using the smallest possible Carbon footprint.

  • Greenleaf Refurbishment is our main vehicle for selling refurbished PC's

  • Eco-friendly working environment and practices

  • Proud member of the Green PEA (Positive Environmental Actions) Scheme in Poole Council.

Why buy refurbished?

It is good for your wallet – When buying a refurbished computer you can pick up a current or slightly older model PC or Laptop for a fraction of the price of new. With the same warranties offered, you will find that ex-corporate devices are made to a higher quality than brand new home user devices. Desktop PCs include a 3 year warranty, Laptops a 1 year warranty.

No loss of performance – For 99% of usage, i.e. using the Internet and Microsoft Office, a state of the art computer is not required. Most modern programs will work on PCs and Laptops that are up to 10 years old. So, save yourself the money.

Good for the environment – Every time you buy a refurbished PC or Laptop that is pre-owned you save the following resources in a new one being built and the old one being scrapped:

1500 litres of water

1500 litres of water

3000 KWH of Electricity

3000 KWH of Electricity

22kg of chemicals

22kg of chemicals

700kg of CO2

700kg of CO2